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It's time to spring clean your office

A clean and organised desk not only looks good, it can make you feel better too. A well organised office can boost your productivity and can help manage your stress levels.

Here are some tips to spring clean your office ready for the new season.

Clear out your drawers

The first step is always to clear out what you already have. Start by emptying your drawers and lay out out all of your belongings in front of you by category. This way, you can see what you've got. Get rid of everything you don't need, and store things you think you'll need later til you get to the next step!

Keep your drawers functional

I urge you to say no to the junk drawer! While it's easy to let things pile up in your drawers to keep your desktop neat, you'll want to tackle your drawers when giving your office a serious clean. Try using drawer inserts to keep everything organised once you've gotten rid of unnecessary clutter.

Don't overload your desktop

Your desktop is where the work gets done, so don't use up every piece of real estate with storage products. Consider what you need within your immediate reach, and have those items on top of your desk. You can also use stackable trays and wall space to clear your desktop.

Scan paperwork and file the soft copies

If you have papers that you need to keep, consider scanning them to your online document management system and recycling the hard copies.

Display things that make you happy

If you have things that help your creativity or make you feel happy, feel free to display them. I have my words for the year "Free, Valuable and Happy" displayed on a board on my wall where I can see it every day. Yours could be family photos or inspiring books where you can see them. Don't be afraid to keep your favourite things out for everyone to see.

Add some greenery

Ok, so I know plants have nothing to do with organisation! However, I firmly believe that plants in your office increase productivity and help lift your mood. They also clean the air *bonus*

Sort out your cords

Finally, in any modern office lies a dreaded pile of cords. From phone chargers to adapters, it's easy for wires to get out of control. Use a cord wrap (mine's from Ikea) or cable tie to gather the wires. This helps stop them taking over your desk or looking unsightly under your desk. You'll be surprised by how much space is freed up when you tame your cords and follow the rest of these office organisation ideas.

So there you have it, a quick and easy spring clean will have you feeling [and being] so much more productive!


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