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I've spent most of my career in safety administration - firstly in construction, then mining, aviation and finally oil and gas.

During my working life I've been fortunate enough to learn a wide range of skills and built experience in all aspects of administration, reporting, systems, communications, procedures and safety.  And I’m now bringing this wealth of knowledge to the small business world.

I’m obsessed with detail; I love organisation, order and making life easier for my clients. I get a kick out of a well-executed spreadsheet or a beautiful system setup, and I’m well known for producing work to a high standard, even under pressure.  

I’m also a confident communicator, who understands you’re busy and won’t be in your inbox every five minutes. If you want a VA who takes the initiative, makes decisions, and relieves the pressure on you, then we’re a good fit. 

Hey *waves*

I'm so glad you've made it off the home page ... it means you're interested to know more about me, and I can't wait to get to know you too.

Empress of Order was “born” in 2018 when I made the decision to leave my senior role in a corporate nine to five to get more balance in my life.  You know the deal … long hours, lots of stress, no satisfaction – I knew that things had to change!

Now I’m an award-winning VA who helps women with business overload bring order and calm to their lives, and co-owner of The Digital Mums Directory

From corporate Safety Advisor to Head Empress ...

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Taking care of all the things ...

As an ambitious entrepreneur chances are you have ‘all the things’ going on, you’re great at the big picture vision, making strategic decisions and knowing what needs to be done but … your zone of genius is not necessarily finishing.

And that’s where I can help…

Belbin testing proves that I’m a ‘completer finisher’ … we’re often described as orderly, conscientious, detail-oriented people. Completer finishers have a great capacity for follow through and wouldn't normally start something they couldn't finish. 

I’ve been certified by the VA Institute as a Quality VA.  This is an Australian-based certification focusing on industry excellence and relevant / current experience.  It sets a baseline for acceptable, reliable and reputable VA standards in the Australian VA Industry.

Does that sound like the type of virtual assistant you’d like on your team?

I love organisation, order and making my

clients feel supported and calm!

When you work with me, you get me ...

When you engage Empress of Order to support you in your business, you work directly with me … I don’t outsource your tasks, so you’ll always get work to the same high standard you’ve come to expect from me.

You don’t have to take my word for how fabulous it is to work with me … here's what my clients have to say


"marie keeps everything running efficiently and with ease"

Karen Dauncey

Blue Cherry Online Marketing & The SEO School


"she is always clear in her communication so you are never unsure where things are at"

Sarah Thomson

Online Social Butterfly

Read more testimonials here

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My Mission

To help women with business overload bring order to their lives, with processes and systems that leave them feeling supported and calm, with space to create

My Values


Balance for me and for my clients ... that's what Empress of Order is all about!

*high five*


I'm a rule follower, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm honest, trustworthy and I'll always do what I commit to do.


You'll come to depend on me, and I don't take that lightly.  You'll always get what you need when you need it.

Empress of Order Virtual Assistant Perth

Marie is a Virtual Assistant [VA] based in Perth WA