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How to make sure your goals don't end up as roadkill!

It’s always a good time to re-visit the goals you set for yourself at the start of the year. I tend to revisit my goals every month to check where I’m at and make any adjustments that are needed

How are you going with your goals you set at the start of the year? Are they gathering dust in the corner or are they in your project management system being reviewed and updated on a weekly / monthly / quarterly basis?

Your goals should not be a set and forget; they should be a living breathing entity that’s part of your biz life; otherwise, they just won’t get done!

Here are some tips to turn goal setting roadkill into a thing of the past!

  • STOP being a commitment queen. Eliminate one or two things from your busy schedule to free up time to work on your goals. Think about how you can make the time and space you need to focus on these important tasks

  • OUTSOURCE the things that are not in your area of genius. Don’t be tempted to slog your way through something to save some money. When you consider how much your time costs, and how much longer it will take you to do it … paying an expert makes complete sense

  • USE a system to have complete oversight of your goals – that may be a spreadsheet or a project management system like Asana – whatever it is, make sure you review and update it on a regular basis

  • STICK with it! So many of the people who fail to reach their goals simply turn back or give up too soon. We could learn a lot from our babies and children; they don’t try to walk a few times and then decide walking isn’t for them! They fall down, they get up and they try again until they can do it!

  • GET an accountability buddy … whether that’s in your online mastermind group, your networking group or your bestie! Put your goals out to the universe and they’ll help keep you accountable

Here’s to your goal setting and completion success … And remember: We can do anything when we put our mind to it!


First published on Business Business Business in May 2021




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Marie is a Virtual Assistant based in Perth

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