Are you struggling to find the time to achieve all your administrative tasks, in addition to steering your business forward?  


Do you spend your days working IN the business, and then spend your evenings in front of the computer trying to work ON it?  Does that sound oh so familiar? 


What if I told you that I can support you with the day to day operation of your business, to allow you to create space for new things, or just to give you some breathing space! 

What's a virtual assistant I hear you ask? 


A virtual assistant (VA) is self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. Because I’m also a business owner, I understand the challenges of small business and the need to outsource!


So there you have it, I’m just like a normal assistant, but I don’t work in your office – I work remotely from my office in the beautiful Perth Hills, with my puppies Jasper and Willow.

Let me introduce myself;


I'm Marie, the Head Empress here at Empress of Order

I can support you with the day to day operation of your business!

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I help women with business overload bring order to their lives, with processes and systems that leave them feeling supported and calm, with space to create

Marie is a Virtual Assistant (VA) based in Perth WA

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