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who are you?


You reign supreme, often with a small team, but you occasionally need extra support to set-up new systems, processes or to manage a project.


You’re growing an empire single handedly, but it’s time for some regular support to free up your time for those important royal duties.


Your empire is established, you rule with confidence, poise and precision, but you know that a VA on your team is the jewel in your crown.


Hi I'm Marie, head empress

I love coffee in the morning, champagne & cocktails in the evening and a spreadsheet at any time! 

I’m obsessed with detail; I love organisation, order and making life easier for my clients. I get a kick out of a well-executed project or a beautiful system setup, and I’m well known for producing work to a high standard, even under pressure.

If you’re anything like me you dream of finding order in your kingdom, of getting your crowns in a row and being able to sparkle in your zone of genius.

But, as your empire grows, there’s always more to do. Emails. Admin. Marketing. Processes. Systems. The list is endless.

I say 'no more'

It’s time to make a royal decree to:
•    have more family time 
•    find some ME time
•    work on what you love 
•    And be the CEO of your business
Sound good? Then let's chat ...


Empress of Order Virtual Assistant Perth

Marie is a Virtual Assistant [VA] based in Perth WA