• Marie Robertson-King

September Social Media Content Plan

How's your social media content planning going?

It can be hard to be consistent each month and take the time to sit down to plan out what you're going to post.

For me, when I spend an hour planning, the rest of my month runs a lot smoother on my socials.

If you're struggling to post consistently, my social media content calendar will help. It shows a selection of "World Days", along with some ideas of posts you can use to engage with your audience.

Choose some days and prompts that speak to you and then add them to your content plan for the month!

What do you think you'll incorporate? Just click on the image below to download the calendar :)

About Marie

Head Empress

Marie Robertson-King is the Head Empress of organisation and systems at Empress of Order.

After spending decades in the corporate world, she is now bringing her wealth of experience in administration, systems, reporting, communications and procedures to the small business community!

Marie has worked across multiple industries in her career - construction, mining, aviation and finally oil and gas. She’s obsessed with detail, loves organisation, order and making life easier for her clients. She gets a kick out of a well-executed spreadsheet or a beautiful presentation, and she’s well known for producing work to a high standard, even under pressure.

She lives in the beautiful Perth Hills with her husband and two fur babies, Jasper and Willow. She loves coffee in the morning and champagne in the evening! Her favourite travel destinations are Paris and Reim in France – can you guess why?

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Marie is a Virtual Assistant (VA) based in Perth WA

"I take care of the details while you focus on the big picture

and continue to build the business of your dreams"

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