• Marie Robertson-King

Outlook templates are magic!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Did you know that you can set up email templates in Outlook? If you're like me and you send lots of emails that contain the same or similar information, this could save you lots of time ....

To set up a template:

💕 open a new email

💕 give your email a subject

💕 if your new email opens with your signature on it, delete it out

💕 compile the body of your email

💕 click 'file' and 'save as'

💕 choose 'outlook template (*.oft)' from the 'save as' type dropdown

💕 give your template a name

💕 save it in your folder structure

Then, every time you need to send that email, all yo need to do is double click the file, fill in the recipient and send it off!

How much time will that save you on your email enquiries?

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