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Facebook Messenger Bot!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Ok, so this is a great little tool to make sure anyone who wants to contact you from your Facebook business page gets the best possible experience.

Have you noticed that some business pages have a list of questions that you can just click and it sends them off? Some pages even have a personalised message just sitting there waiting for you!

I've set up my messenger bot so that anyone who sends me a message gets an immediate reply letting them know I'll be in touch but also giving them the link to my FAQ ... how cool is that!

Here's how to set up the different features:


  • Go to your business page and click the 'settings' in the top right hand side of the page

  • Click 'messaging' on the left hand menu

  • Turn 'prompt people to send messages' on ... this makes sure that when someone lands on your business page the messenger window pops up

  • This feature starts with a list of generic questions enabled. See below for how to update those to your own list


  • If you'd like to have your visitors presented with a list of relevant questions they can ask you, just turn 'help people start a conversation with your page' on then click 'change'. You'll then be presented with the following page:

  • Update the questions to make them relevant to you biz. You can add extra questions if five isn't enough

  • Click save and you'll be taken back to the previous page


  • If you also want to have a custom greeting for your visitors, turn 'show a messenger greeting' on then click 'change'. You'll then be presented with the following page:

  • Personalise the message with your own relevant greeting. You can also add personalisation by hitting 'add personalization' ... see how I've added the person's name in my greeting. You can add your email address, web address etc too, so have a play around

  • Click save and you'll be taken back to the previous page


  • If you'd like to have an automatic response sent to anyone who messages you just click 'go to automated responses' in the 'Response Assistant' section

  • In the menu on the left hand side of the page, turn the 'instant reply' on

  • Then click the 'edit message' button

  • You'll then be presented with the following section where you can personalise your instant reply. Note that you have the option to add personalisation here as well (name, email address, web address etc). You can also add a unique URL to your message as well

  • It's pretty cool and shows you how the message is going to look for your page visitors

  • Once you're happy with your message, hit the 'save' button on the top right hand side of the page, and you're done

  • To check your messenger bot, head back to your business page and click the ellipsis (...) under your header pic and click 'view as page visitor'

Your messenger bot will pop up from the bottom of the page and you'll be able to see the questions you set up and/or your personalised greeting

Hope this is helpful ... feel free to get in touch if you need any help or have any questions!

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