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5 Christmas Safety Tips To Keep You Merry & Safe

Female santa stipe socks christmas tree

Christmas is a fabulous time of the year ... whether we've sailed across the finish line, or crawled, it's time to hang with family and friends, eating, drinking and generally having fun!

But, there are some things that can ruin it all! In a previous life, I was in occupational health and safety and no matter how long I've been out of the sector, I still have that little person in my head doing mini risk assessments!

So, here are some things to think about to keep yourself happy and safe over the festive season.

Deck the halls ...

Tiffany & Co weath

Falls from ladders, tables and chairs spike at Christmas when people are putting up lights and decorations. Some falls can be serious, resulting in broken bones or cuts and bruises.

  • Don’t stand on tables or chairs ... use a step or ladder instead, depending on the height you need to reach

  • Before using a ladder, make sure it’s in good condition and it’s set up on a firm and level surface

  • Have someone hold the ladder while you're on it

  • Wear suitable footwear

  • Don’t drink and decorate!

Christmas lights & decorations

Christmas village lights

Lots of fires are triggered by some failure of a piece of equipment, including Christmas lights that are faulty or incorrectly installed.

  • When buying lights, check they have an Australian Approval number

  • Check your house has an RCD installed

  • If you plan on your house being visible from outer space, think about getting additional outdoor power points installed - don't overload your existing power system

  • Make sure artificial Christmas trees and decorations are flame-resistant

  • Turn off your Christmas lights when you’re not home and when you go to bed

  • Don't overload extension or power boards

Hitting the road

We all know that Australia’s road toll spikes during the Christmas and New Year period.

  • Make sure you’re well rested before going on a long road trip, give yourself plenty of time to get there and take breaks (about 15 minutes every two hours)

  • Avoid driving at odd hours of the morning or night, when you would normally be asleep

  • Stick to the speed limit

  • It goes without saying that you shouldn't drink and drive

  • Before going on long road trips, check your engine, lights and tyres or even consider getting your car serviced; and check any trailer and caravans too

Home alone?

Lots of homes are left empty during the holidays, making them prime targets for burglars. Some things you can do to avoid coming home to a burgled house are:

  • Secure all windows and doors

  • Ask a friend, relative or neighbour to collect your mail

  • Use lights with a timer that allows you to have the lights on at different times of the night

Having a few?

Christmas table drinks champagne

If you're a tee totaler (ie you don't drink alcohol) you've nothing to worry about, but if you like to have a few tipples, read on:

  • Make sure you've organised to a safe way home if you're out and drinking

  • Think about the standard drinks you're consuming (one glass does not equal one standard drink)

  • Consider pouring your own drinks to keep track if you're drinking at home

  • Eat before, and while, you're drinking

  • Consider drinking low-alcohol drinks, alternating alcohol with soft drinks or switching to water (which will also keep you hydrated in the hot Australian summer)

  • Resist the temptation to drink every day of the holidays

Hope these tips help and you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year! Anything I've missed? Feel free to leave a comment below ...


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